Microsoft and Yahoo Web Deal

Microsoft and Yahoo seal web deal. Yahoo and Microsoft have announced a long-rumoured internet search deal that will help the two companies take on chief rival Google. Photos from Microsoft’s Bing search engine will power the Yahoo website and Yahoo will in turn become the advertising sales team for Microsoft’s online offering. Yahoo has […]

June 2009 Nursing Board Exam Result

32,617 pass nursing exam, Cebu grad tops list The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) on Saturday night announced that 32,617 nursing examinees passed the June 2009 Nursing Board Exam, with a nursing graduate from Cebu topping the list. PRC commissioner Ruth Padilla was quoted in a radio report as saying that the latest nursing exam had […]

Naruto 457

Just got home… Kaya now ko lang napost un manga.. hehe.. hindi ko pa nga nababasa eh.. enjoy reading nlng po kayo.. Naruto Manga Chapter 457 Here is the link.. Wala pa un video down ata narutocentral eh.. Wait nyo nalang ipost ko nlng dito kapag meron na ko nakuha..

Just a reminder

Para po sa lahat ng ngsubscribe on my sites feeds(ung nasa sidebar ng mga post ko sa site) paki-activate nmn ng subscription nyo.. Hndi po kasi mkkrating sa email nyo unless iverify ninyo un email nyo.. Dun naman sa mga hindi pa nkasubscribe click nyo nalang un link para mgsubscribe kayo at pakiverify narin para […]

Google Wave

Google Wave is a new tool for communication and collaboration on the web, coming later this year. Watch the demo video below, sign up for updates and learn more about how to develop with Google Wave. Learn Google Wave can make you more productive even when you’re having fun. Develop Learn how to put waves […]

Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition

The practice of making extravagant “Collector’s Editions” of video games is as old as gaming itself, but it looks like Activision is about to kick it up a notch. Read more.. The first official look at the Prestige Collectors Edition of Modern Warfare 2 – available for pre-order now and releasing worldwide on November 10th, […]

Cellphone Load extended na!

MANILA – Beginning Sunday, July 19, mobile phone subscribers will already enjoy longer prepaid load validity. This as cellular network companies yield to a recent National Telecommunications Commission (NTC)¬†order extending the shelf life of prepaid credits. The NTC issued the order in response to continued public clamor for greater protection of consumers against what were […]