Nikon Philippines Photo Contest

Nikon Philippines Photo Contest Nikon Philippines has a fan page on facebook and they posted an interesting Photo Contest on their wall. This is the exact post from their wall: Photo Contest: 1st prize: Coolpix P50 (P15,000 value) 2nd prize: Aigo Digital Frame (P5000 value) 3rd prize: Nikon Tripod (P1500 value) 4th prize: Nikon Pro […]

Naruto 468

After lunch narelease agad ang Naruto Chapter 468 entitled Hachibi and Kyuubi you can download the files here: or view it online Sad to say there will be no Naruto manga next week. Chapter 469 will be out on October 30. Bitin na naman.. hahaha..

Letran Calamba School Calendar Adjustment

To all students ito po ung mga adjustments sa school calendar natin. Dami nagtatanong kaya post ko nlng dito.. ADJUSTMENTS IN THE SCHOOL CALENDAR October – November, AY 2009-2010 Activities From To Posting of Course Offerings October 19 Final Exams October 17,19,20,21,22 October 21,22,23,24,26 Release of Compcard November 3 (morning only) November 4 (morning only) […]

Watch Asia's Titanic

The MV Doña Paz was a Philippine-registered passenger ferry that sank after colliding with the MT Vector on December 20, 1987. With a death toll of at least 4,375 people, the collision resulted in the deadliest ferry disaster in history and is widely cited as the worst ever peace-time maritime disaster. On 20 December 1987, […]

Naruto 467 Spoiler

Hello everyone, ngayon nlng ulit ako mgpopost ng tungkol sa naruto.. hehe.. English script by Shounensuki: The coloured cover is two pages wide and has Zabuza, Haku, and all the dead Akatsuki members! Sakura is getting ready to set out to the Land of Iron. Three people are going, it seems: Sakura, Kiba, and Lee. […]

Google Wave Explained

Maybe some of you still don’t know about Google Wave. Its time to know what it is. Google Wave is a tool for communication and collaboration on the web, launching in the second half of 2009. In Google Wave, users create and invite other people to “waves”. Everyone on a wave can use richly formatted […]