Google Privacy Policy Concerns

In a recent blog announcement, Google execs managed to freak out privacy-conscious web surfers when they revealed that they are in the midst of rewriting their privacy policy, which will now consolidate their users’ information from all of Google’s services.  The freak out is primarily concerned with the fact that Google is not, as of […]

Zynga Takes on Online Gambling

Anyone who frequents the Facebook has probably heard of Zynga, the online gaming magnate best known for cutesy games like FarmVille, CityVille, and just about any other “Ville” you can think of (um, Gagaville?  Yeah, that happened…).  But they also make an extremely popular game called Zyngapoker, which allows users to play the poker games […]

Will Education Go Paperless with the iPad?

Apple’s recent announcement that they plan to reinvent the textbook via their iPad products – including a virtual bookstore and a brand new tool for creating books – has critics wondering if the corporation really has the power to create any lasting change, especially in the world of textbook publishing.  A statement from Apple senior […]

Kodak Vows to Make a Comeback

A brand name which was once synonymous with the field of photography and camera equipment, the storied Eastman Kodak company finalized its decade-long descent into irrelevancy by filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection earlier this week. Despite intensive efforts during the last seven years to transform Kodak into a purveyor of commercial and personal printers, […]

Megaupload Shutdown

File-Sharing Halted on Megaupload Due to Government Shutdown It seems like just yesterday that information-sharing sites like Wikipedia and Google blacked out in order to protest the passage of SOPA and PIPA because of the threat they posed to the dissemination of information and media (oh, right, that was two days ago), and already we […]