Facebook Murder-for-Hire Plot

Murder-for-hire plots never turn out well (one way or another), and apparently that is especially true when you POST YOUR PLANS ON A PUBLIC FORUM. Honestly, I just don’t get the whole “feeling of invincibility” phenomenon that goes with social networking. In most cases, people are not posting anonymously, or even privately, so it’s really […]

Apple Pays $50 Million for Chomp

There’s no doubt that Apple is a large, powerful, and popular company. Their products are considered some of the best on the market and they practically built the success of the MP3 format, as well as quickly expanding the demand for and use of smartphones and tablets. In short, their technological advances often set the […]

Safari User Sues Google for Privacy Violation

The Wall Street Journal recently published an expose that again is drawing attention to the issue of internet privacy. The Journal detailed a recently uncovered ‘glitch’ in the Google system, whereby the internet search giant was bypassing the privacy settings of users utilizing Apple’s Safari browser. Illinois resident Matthew Soble uncovered the issue, and has […]

British Student Jailed for Hacking Facebook

Apparently the users of massive social networking site Facebook aren’t the only ones concerned about their privacy. The Facebook corporate office is up in arms, after a computer science student from the UK was sent to prison last week for hacking into Facebook’s internal network. Twenty-six year old Glenn Mangham was sentenced after pleading guilty […]

Social Work Exam Reviews From Apple

There is something truly wonderful about being young and idealistic. While many adults become jaded over time from dealing with terrible bosses, slogging through bureaucratic red tape, and simply working until they are burned out, students fresh out of high school and college still believe that they can change the world, and they have the […]