Paramount to Add 500 Films to YouTube

One of the coolest things about being online is that you don’t have to go out to a movie theater or even be a member of movie clubs like Netflix in order to check out some great films all from the convenience of your home computer or laptop. Websites like Hulu have a variety of movies that are available for free, while other ones including iTunes and Amazon provide you with the option of being able to either rent or purchase films from their library that are immediately available for download.

And then, of course, there’s YouTube. Many of us know that they are the mecca in cyberspace when it comes to watching a bevy of videos from all across the world, based on all sorts of topics. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a surprise that when it comes to the movie rentals that they have available, there are currently have over 9,000 titles; however, in the ever-evolving world of technology, it can never hurt to upgrade what you’re doing —to make, in this case, movie experiences even better for your customers.

Apparently, YouTube wholeheartedly agrees.

This week, they made the announcement that they have made an official deal with Paramount Pictures that would allow them to make nearly 500 of the company’s films available for rent online. It is both great news and interesting information being that one of Paramount Pictures’ sister companies, Viacom, Inc., is currently appealing a lawsuit that they lost in 2010 (that was filed in 2006) citing that YouTube (which is owned by Google, Inc.) had broken some digital piracy laws by providing some of their entertainment material.

It does make things a bit dicey, but still, it doesn’t appear to be a big enough deterrent for Paramount Pictures. Already, there are films that are available to customers on YouTube Rentals and Google Play including Hugo and Transformers with even more titles being expected to be added to YouTube’s movie library over the next several months.

When it comes to YouTube, one thing that a lot of people enjoy about the, on average, $2-4 movie rental is that they have a full 30 days from the date of their rental to actually watch the film (although you only have 24 hours to view it once you have started a movie). Another is that it takes no time to download. And so, when you think of the fact that they are making even more movie favorites to at our disposal, it’s definitely a good move on YouTube’s part.

So, if you have a home theater, complete with some theater seats, popcorn and candy, and Paramount Pictures, one of the biggest movie houses in the world, has some of your favorite films, this provides you with another great reason to skip out on the commute, long lines and pricey admission tickets to the cinema house. Why not just sit in the comfort of your own home and watch some your favorite movies, including the classic trilogy, The Godfather?

That’s not your favorite? Well, look at it this way: Thanks to YouTube and Paramount Pictures, very soon, you’ll have at least 499 other selections to choose from.