Apps for Limousines on Demand

The average adult doesn’t exactly count on a chauffeured limo to take them hither and yon on a daily basis; most of us simply make our way thanks to a long line of clunkers (and maybe even a new set of wheels here and there). Of course, there are occasions where we look to a […]

YouTube Spaces Channel for Home Design

Watch out HGTV, a new home design channel is born. And it’s on YouTube. Spaces is a new channel on the wildly popular video clip site as a part of their efforts to create and air original content. Instead of only using the site to watch animals being hilarious, people being idiotic, any music video […]

Apple’s Jony Ive Is Knighted

Apple products have had a massive impact on technology and popular culture in general. Their iPhone set the standard that all other smartphones are judged by, as did their iPod for MP3 players and their iPad for tablet devices. They’re incredibly user-friendly, sleek and sexy, and seem to offer customers exactly what they want. Steve […]

Facebook’s Eduardo Saverin Renounces US Citizenship to Save on Taxes

The Brazilian-born co-founder of Facebook, Eduardo Saverin has decided to give up his American citizenship seemingly to save hundreds of millions in tax payments. Facebook’s initial public offering is set for next week and is expected to have one of the biggest openings on the stock market in history. By renouncing well before the IPO […]