The Best Data Back-Up Options for Businesses

The more complicated your business is, the more important data management becomes. Even startups have a massive amount of data to manage in our information age, and effective data back-up strategies can actually make or break your company’s bottom line. So how are you backing up your data? You don’t want to compromise on safety […]

Google Street View Goes to Remote Arctic Village

Cambridge Bay, Nanavut, bears very little resemblance to Cambridge, Massachusetts. The remote, frozen harbor isn’t what you would call a bustling metropolis – far from it. Aside from the guys on Ice Road Truckers, most commuters get around by snowmobile instead of on anything purchased fromĀ Anything with skis is pretty much the preferred mode […]

eBay Bans Sale of Spells and Curses

Now, this should make things interesting. eBay, one of the most popular websites online that has earned the reputation for being a place where buyers and sellers can trade just about anything, has actually made a decision that causes that statement to no longer be 100% accurate. Coming this fall, members of the site can […]

Massive Slowdown in Daily Deals Market

It wasn’t that long ago that deal-of-the-day sites first started to gain popularity. Geo-centric discount suppliers like Groupon and Living Social made it easy for frugal consumers to take advantage of deals in their immediate area, Woot and Slickdeals offered members of the computer generation the technology (and geekery) they craved at lower prices, and […]