5 Great Mobile Banking Apps

In the not so distant future, banking as we used to know it will be a thing of the past. Tellers will be replaced by automated tellers and banks will be replaced by portals that allow people to deposit checks and withdraw money. However, even this future model may be obsolete as more and more people abandon their checkbooks and switch to mobile banking. Indeed, there are many applications and tools that you can use to monitor your balance, send money and even deposit checks. Many of these apps were created by the banking industry – as a response to the changing tides in technology. Here are five great mobile banking apps.

  1. Chase “Quick Pay” and “Quick Deposit.” Many people thought that Chase was crazy when they introduced an app that allowed people to deposit checks into their accounts using the camera function on their smartphone. Lo and behold, the app caught on like wildfire. Why drive all the way to the bank, or let checks crumple in your pocket, when you can simply upload the check from your phone? Moreover, the “Quick Pay” app has made sending and receiving money incredibly simple too, which is why it is one of the top banking apps.
  2. Well’s Fargo “CEO Mobile.” This is an amazing tool for CEOs and business professionals alike. Not only has it allowed the busy executive the ability to be on the move, but also it has streamlined the entire banking process for medium and big businesses. This app allows you to check account balances, cash flow reports, incoming wire transfer info and it even allows you to send large wire transfers. Instead of being tied to the office, you can now monitor daily financial activity on the go, which can allow business owners to be more productive and effective.
  3. Citigroup “Tap & Go.” The whole old fashioned method of pulling out your credit card to pay for items will quickly become a relic of the past. With this amazing app, Citigroup customers can place a little sticker on the back of their phone, which can be used to tap applicable stickers at a merchant’s register to pay for low value items, like groceries and miscellany. This app can shave minutes off the payment gateway process – a process that usually requires signatures, an approval and a receipt.
  4. State Farm Banking “Pocket Agent.” State Farm’s bank may not be the most popular bank, but they do offer an amazing app that customers can use to manage their claims and policy holdings. This can be especially important with life insurance plans and other financial accounts. Not only that, but if you get into an accident, you can use your smart phone to make a claim.
  5. MasterCard “Overwhelming Offers.” This application is a big leap towards location targeting. While it helps the credit card company make a profit, the app can also help you find deals. All you have to do is enable the location tracking software and this app will let you know where you can score discounts on everything from meals to clothing. In the end, this app can be incredibly helpful when you are out shopping or running errands.